PNP Battalion raid guns cache in Santa

The Regional Public Safety Battalion RPSB the Police Regional Office 18 based on Nagbagang Sta. Catalina raided a house in the mountainous part of Nagbinlod Sta. Catalina early on September 7, recovering various high powered firearms, resembling like a small armory of guns for hire, including a gun silencer.

Why would a remote hut in Sta Catalina yield

Sept 7 early in the morning, the enforcers were armed with a search warrant issued by Regional Trial Court Branch 64 Judge Mario Trinidad Guihulngan City.

The raiders recovered from the house of Mario Candalasa Sedon, two KG9 assault rifle, a folding type with a serial number, with 6 magazines and 59 bullets.

Also recovered a cal. 22 Thompson with magazine, a caliber colt 45 1911 pistol with two magazines and 20 rounds of ammunition and a silencer.

The RPSB raiding team led by Police Chief Inspector Jesus Mesahon Jr., presented the search warrant to Sedon, indicating that he was a contractor in the tree planting project with DENR.

It was not sure which group SEdon belonged to, but gun elements recovered smelled like an organized crime with Sedon or a gun running syndicate which tended to pinpoint to the accused as gun possessor if not owner.

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