Payloader driver comfirms DSWD dumping

The city council got a confirmation from the payloader driver Julie NOay and Ofero Alabado, at the Candauay dumpsite that he was the one ordered to dump “expired” sacks of rice, sacksfull of canned goods, sardines, corn beef from the DSWD which were intended for calamity victims and disasters. The City DSWD should have rented a warehouse wherein to store year round and preserve donated food from the private sector for future victims of disasters.

DSWD has so much money it should not afford to throw away “expired” food, but preserve the same instead.

This can be in partnership with any NGO who can do the soliciting of food and stuffs for any emergency or disaster.

Even the Red Cross has a year-long buffer supply of funds and food for calamity victims’ emergency and immediate use. So should the DSWD in close cooperation with the mayor’s and governor’s offices. They should pre-empt food supplies for any disaster at anytime, not the other way around, please!

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