Press quick fix for dump site

Short and immediate term solutions as well as longterm solution are now on the pipeline in solving the long-drawn problem of 40-ton daily garbage pile up in the Candau-ay dumpsite in Dumaguete. Its methane gas pile up below has also resulted in constant eruption of fire due to the extreme heat underneath the garbage. Health and safety of the community is compromised.

Recognizing the urgency of extinguishing the intermittent breakout of fires at the city dump site producing toxic smoke detrimental to public health, Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe “Ipe Remollo reassured the community that long term solutions are forthcoming.

Remollo is lobbying for funds from the national government or private investors to shut down the primitive dumpsite that has been subject to numerous closure orders from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which previously remain unheeded.

He is appealing for the public to allow his barely three-month-old administration enough time to confront and find a lasting and sustainable solution to a problem he inherited from the past leaderships.

In the meantime, Environment and Natural Resources office administrative Rossel Marie C. Garcia was told by Remollo to monitor closely and implement the quick fix courses of action to put out the fires: such as:

The utilization of the P4 million QRF for mitigating measures and additional P 3 million to undertake widening of exhaust by bundling the small pipes currently used allowing methane gas to dissipate.

Mayor Remollo is also negotiating with a private owner of a lot outside of Dumaguete to serve as a temporary dump site until the waste processing plant will be in place through Private Public Partnership (PPP) scheme or public bidding.

Meanwhile, complaints of uncollected garbage should be best addressed to the barangays since they are mainly responsible in segregating and collecting the garbage under the Solid Waste Management Act.

Councilor Manuel Arbon explained that the city is only mandated to collect special and toxic wastes. He observed that some of the 30 barangays are serious in performing their responsibilities even to the point of purchasing their own garbage trucks while others are dependent on the city government.

Officials of the 30 barangays will undergo reorientation seminars so they could manage their garbage up to the Purok levels.

Arbon revealed that the city previously produces 60 tons of garbage, which declined to 30 tons upon the intense implementation of the barangay waste segregation scheme and at present has grown to 40 tons after the old habits of the residents resurfaced. (By Dems Demecillo)

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