Price Tag law compliance pressed

The department of Trade and industry advises the general public to be vigilant in observing the compliance of the Price Tag Law, specifically on the following:

1. Every retailer is required to display price tag to indicate the price of each consumer products and services. It must be written clearly indicating the price of the commodity per unit in Pesos and centavos not in codes. (Sec 1., Rule XI, Manner of Place the Price Tag / Price List. Implementing Rules & Regulations of RA 7394).

2. All prices of commodities, including the rates reflected in the menu cards of restaurants and flyers of hotels, shall already be inclusive of VAT.

3. there shall only be one price tag whether you pay in cash or with the use of Credit/Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/Debit Cards for purchases of consumer products or services.

Retailers who accept credit/debit cards for payment are prohibited from imposing a surcharge, extra, or additional charge over and above the price tag on the consumer goods and services. (Ref. 07-001, S. of 2007)

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