Silliman Mass Com Golden Jubilee Awards

Silliman University’s College of Mass Communication, which started as the first Philippine school of journalism outside Metro Manila in 1966, will be giving Golden Jubilee Awards to successful alumni in its 50-year history.

This was announced today by Silliman Mass Com Alumni Association President Tony Remollo in Dumaguete City.

The Awards will honor achievers among its little more than a thousand alumni in various fields of journalism, mass media and social media on Aug. 25 during the Silliman Founders Day celebrations.

The Silliman College of Mass Communication and the Mass Com Alumni Association are now calling for nominees for the awards. Anyone can nominate an alumnus he knows and submit the nomination, accompanied by two endorsements and the alumni CV, to the Mass Com Golden Jubilee Awards Committee, College of Mass Communication, Silliman, Dumaguete City.

An independent Board of Judges composed of mass media professionals and communication educators will evaluate the nominations and choose the winners.

Deadline for submission of nominations is July 15, 2016. The nominations will be accepted for any one of the four categories:

1. Achievements in their chosen professional fields—print media, broadcast media, advertising- public relations-social marketing, and social media.

2. Achievements in related communication fields in academe, like communication research, communication education and administration.

3. Achievements in related communication fields like media enterprise, entrepreneurship and institution building.

4. Achievements in non-mass media but communication- related fields like government service, management and administration in academic institutions, corporate communications and non-government organizations (NGOs).


1. Candidates must be alumni of the School/ College of Mass Communication from 1966 to 2006. The rationale is that it takes ten years or more for a graduate to be able to establish himself and make an impact in his profession.

2. Candidates must be nominated to the Silliman Alumni Awards Committee and give consent to the nomination.

3. Nominations must be accompanied by two endorsements.

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