The Gift of volunteerism

Dumaguete City, specially the community, is blest to have many guests and visitors each year. I-Home Metro Dumaguete, previously known as Dumaguete City Habitat for Humanity Inc, hosts many guests and donors from all over the world. They come in the spirit of friendship and volunteerism, bringing with them their time, talent and resources to cooperate with the community in helping build simple, durable and affordable homes for those who urgently need affordable housing.

31 Japanese students from Kwansai Gakuin University came this Monday to spend a week building 3 houses with I-Home. They will be working under the hot sun to finish the 3 houses in one week. One member, Kensuke, has been here over 10 times through the years. Now a graduate student doing research on Disaster Risk Management, he still chose to come to Dumaguete to help the group and continue his mission to help the I-Home community.

The students also brought donations from the home church of their retired Professor Nobu Imaizumi and the funds the students have raised themselves. These funds are for the IHome elementary students scholarship fund which was started by Professor Nobu and his students decades ago.

In a reciprocal gesture, the I-Home board gives a welcome dinner to the guests complete with the noted Filipino hospitality; board member Don gave rambutan and the famous Dumaguete Silvanas for the Japanese guests.

What brings the students back to Dumaguete each year? While there are new batches each time, there are also many who come back a few times as students. Others came back as graduate students or professionals who use their vacation time to help out in the building program.

Dumaguete City is special; there is a simple charm and sophistication not found in other big cities. I met one tourist who said he comes to Dumaguete for the special ambience of our city and the uniqueness of the people. The air of friendliness and genuine hospitality make our city special.

The spirit of giving from people who volunteer and contribute to the development and positive growth of our city is visible in the many projects and programs in our city. Countless gifts and donations to worthy projects by generous donors to our city abound and Dumaguete is blest to have both local and foreign donors who continue to give.

To our Japanese guests, welcome and thank you for your generous hearts and love for our beautiful City. (By Lele Martinez)

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