Whole-day sessions

Probably a first in the history of the local Sanggunians, the Dumaguete City SP will be essentially devoting one whole day for its weekly regular sessions beginning Wednesday.

Most Sanggunians, even the Panlalawigan, holds half-day sessions. However, the large number of proposed resolutions, ordinances and other matters requiring legislative action as well as the unbridled enthusiasm of the present set of Councilors to engage in long and substantive discussions and debates to ensure quality outputs require longer session hours.

Henceforth, the Sanggunian will convene for its regular session at 9:00AM until 4:30PM that will only be interrupted for a lunch break.

Since the new set of councilors assumed office on July, the sessions that would be promptly called to order a little past 2:00PM; have been lively and extended beyond office hours lasting up to 8:00PM.

The adjustment was prompted by the concerns raised when resource persons from different agencies can no longer be summoned as normal office hours end at 5:00PM. Besides, the SP Secretariat is also toiling even if the personnel are not receiving overtime pay.

The SP is currently composed of members immersed in extensive legal practice, business and medicine, which promises levelheaded and erudite deliberations, whose decisions and votes are driven mainly by the strength and decency of the arguments put forth and not by partisan consideration.

In fact, some find it unusual when even councilors belonging to Mayor Ipe Remollo’s ticket would passionately debate and challenge the facts and assertion of their party mates. The members of the minority also showed open-mindedness by adopting positions even if these were advocated by their rivals.

Mayor Remollo welcomes this new normal in the council as healthy to the proper and efficient functioning of the SP as a deliberative assembly that will ensure the passage of quality policies promoting the general welfare.

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