Woman faced Estafa case

DUMAGUETE CITY, June 28,— about 2:45 in the afternoon, victim, Lani Joy Albina Santillan, 28,married and residing at brgy. Cadawinonan complaint and filed Estafa case against Mary Christine Yecyec Uy, 32, married and resident of Brgy. Buñao.

In initial investigation, the suspect assumed to have a slot in Solution, People and Innovation (SPI) and need to sell out to a lesser cost. Both parties agreed on a transaction in the amount of P15,000 for a slot and as of this date at Robinson Place and give the amount of P6,500.00 to the suspect as initial payment but later to find out that she is not connected to SPI. Suspect was arrested thru citizen arrest and she is now in the custody of Dumaguete City Police pending for filing of charge. (P/Supt JM Atanacio, Acting COP)

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