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CCTV outside city jail mulled

Jailguards of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in barangay Bajumpandan has extended its CCTV watch to include the area outside of the perimeter fence aside from of the presence of the CCTV cameras inside.

Jail warden Jail Inspector Rolly Bandeling reported that two civilians on board a motorcycle were caught Monday morning after throwing an unidentified object from outside the fence towards the area where the basketball court is located, prompting the jail guards to make a chase.

Unfortunately for the two motorists, vigilant residents of Habitat 4 saw them speeding towards the housing site, which resulted to their apprehension.

Jail warden Bandeling, however, cannot pursue filing charges against the two in the absence of the alleged packs of shabu allegedly intended for one or two detainees inside because it happened during a basketball game where everybody was scrambling for possession of the same.

The two, who are residents of barangay Camanjac denied having thrown packs of shabu inside the jail in claiming those were cigarette packs.

According to the two, the cigarette packs were intended for their friend inside identified as detainee David Pis-an, who is facing charges for violation of RA 9165.

During interrogation, the guards found out the two have contacts inside through cellphones, and true enough two cellphones were surrendered by two inmates where transactions are found. (By Choy Gallarde)





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