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SMASH UP! Reckless driver rams into ambulance, dies

A freak accident has resulted in the untimely death of a motorist who rammed into the ambulance that was carrying a patient bound for the provincial hos pital.

On or about 9:00 o’clock Thursday night, the ambulance driven by Saturnino Mascardo, 57 years old, married resident of Campaclan, Sibulan was bringing patient Carlos Deposoy, 60 years old, who is on oxygen to the provincial hospital, when suddenly, a SKYGO 125 motorcycle without headlight appeared in his front and rammed into his driven unit and was dragged for about 168 meters.

The motorist was later identified as a certain Michael Rivas, 28 years old, resident of Uway-uway, Tanjay City. According to witnesses, he was overtaking every vehicle on his way going north, and the last motorist that he overtook was the anchorman of DYWC Anthony Maginsay, who can testify that he was speeding fast and figured in a head on collision with the ambulance that had its blinkers and siren on.

After the collision, Mascardo stopped to remove the motorcycle that was blocking his way so he can bring the patient to the hospital, but was told to stay and wait for the traffic investigator of the city. At this instance, Dennis Linao, son-in-law of the patient Carlos Deposoy, was forced to disembark from the ambulance and took a trycle in going to the hospital.

Sibulan Mayor Marcela Grampon- Bartoces was at the police station in Dumaguete to take care of the needs of the ambulance driver, who is facing charges for reckless imprudence resulting to homicide. (By Choy Gallarde)





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