50/50 for Duterte

After fifty days in office the call for a possible declaration of a revolutionary gov ernment has also increased moving from a 42 to a 68 % preference.

Two surveys had been conducted by SurveyNgBayan on the question of PDU30ís option to declare a revolutionary government. The first survey was conducted from June 27 to June 30 on the eve of PDU30ís assumption to office. The second survey was done from August 17-20 right on the 50th day or midway through the first 100 days of President DU30.

Comparison of the two survey results shows that there has been a marked shift of the peopleís preference on this issue. From a plurality of 45% of the people who did not support a declaration of a revolutionary government, at the end of June, we see this shrinking to a minority position of just 28% by August 20.

On the other hand the people in the minority position of 42% at the end of June who stated support for DU30 if he declares a revolutionary government has now increased to an overwhelming majority of 68%. Those who were fence sitters which stood at 13% at the end of June also shrank significantly for the same period to just 5%.

The shift from 42 to 68 percent indicates that the number of people inclined to a revolutionary option almost doubled after experiencing 50 days of PDU30ís style of governance, It is immaterial whether the President is really entertaining revolutionary intentions or not. But the development in this particular sentiment of the people simply reflects a strong endorsement of the direction and pace of governance that President Rody Duterte has displayed in his first 50 days in office.

Please refer to @Surveyngbayan facebook page to see both the June 30 and Aug 20 survey results.

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