“An Enigma”
by Atty. Francisco D. Yap

Our President Duterte is really an “ENIGMA”. ENIGMA means a person or thing or situation that is mysterious, or difficult to understand.

Digong Duterte ran for President without any real party supporting him. People voted him into office as President on the issue of fighting criminality, more particularly against drug personalities. He ordered the policemen to apprehend drug personalities and to shoot to kill if they will resist or put up a fight. He even gave them an assurance that if any policeman is wrongly convicted, he will give them pardon, anyway there is no limit as to how many will be pardoned.

This emboldened the policemen and now almost 2,000 drug personalities had been killed for allegedly shooting it out with policemen.

Now, he is expelling all American soldiers in Zamboanga, because he wants to assert the independence of the Philippines, Pres. Digong Duterte wants all American servicemen in Zamboanga to be out of the Philippines because the American soldiers might be abducted and beheaded by the Abusayaff. He even blamed and criticize the Pope for causing monstrous traffic in Metro Manila.

President Duterte at the Asean Summit attacked President Obama for criticizing him for violating human rights in his campaign to kill drug addicts if they fight back the policemen. He admits he is bipolar, but he gets in and out of it. Bipolar means that he has extreme mode swings. But of course the great leaders of the world were bipolar, like Caesar the Great and Winston Churchill.

Sometimes President Duterte purposely exaggerates things to make it incredible when charge as a Mayor of Davao City to have killed 700 people through the Davao Death Squad, he said, “why don’t you make it 1,700", but of course he was exaggerating. He bragged recently that he could eat human flesh, just give him vinegar and salt.

Now several battalions of soldiers are in Sulu to annihilate the ABUSAYAFF. President Duterte claims the ABUSAYAFF are not human beings, they are monsters, that they are not entitled to any human right. Upon being charged for extrajudicial killings, he said “I’ll make it judicial, by killing them inside the Court, to make it judicial.”

I hope his next move would be to get rid of corrupt officials, giving priority to the big fish like corrupt justices, governors, and congressmen, and corrupt businessmen. But President Duterte might have a very big problem. What will the policemen do if there are no more criminals. What will president Duterte do if all the corrupt officials will be killed. His big problem will be that he has no more government!

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