“An elusive dream”
by Atty. Francisco D. Yap

President Digong Duterte accomplished peace by delivering a state of the nation address, declaring a unilateral cease fire in the governments campaign against communists guerrillas, in bid to end the longest war in the Philippines or probably in the whole world. Hence, President Digong achieved peace without fighting.

With the Senate and House of Representatives under the super majority control by President Digong’s men from Mindanao, President Digong, will have no problem with the cooporation of the Legislative Department.

Enabling laws will be passed by Congress together with the appropriation, to push the projects of President Digong. Among the agenda which President Digong considers as good for our country are the following:

Amend the Juvenile Justice Law, and bring back the minimum age of criminals responsibility to 9 years old. The USA, and Singapore have the minimum set of 7 years old. The present law is being exploited by criminals using teenagers as couriers to carry illegal drugs and other criminal activities knowing that the law gives teenagers will have no criminal liability but will just be taken to the DSWD for their custody and care. This has to be amended.

Among President Digong ‘s program is to help the poorest among the poor is to give them at least rice to eat. Nobody should get hungry. The government has to have a very active and strong family planning program. The size of the family has to be controlled or limited. This has nothing to do with religion. This is to fight poverty. President Digong has promised to end of contract employment. Workers have no security of tenure because they are hired only as probationary for less than six months to prevent them for becoming regular employees. Regular employees are hired for a specific period and known as contractual. Labor contractualization has to stop, otherwise security of tenure is meaningless.

Reasonable increase of Social Security System retirees will be enacted within actuarial limits. And actuarial study has to be made by experts, so that it will be viable and not kill the “goose that lays the golden eggs” or cause the bankruptcy of the Social Security System.

Most of all, the most earth shaking change that will affect the whole country is the amendment of the 1987 Constitution to shift to a federal form of government. Hopefully, this Federal form of government will make this country more progressive and the will stop the division of this country, since this will offer unity through diversity. This time federalism will succeed because of the honest intentions of President Digong Duterte. Previous Presidents attempted at constitutional change but was defeated by the people because it was used as a guise to their personal ambition to extend their term. This time President Digong will succeed because he is even willing to shorten his term and not extend his term. I wish you success President Digong Duterte!


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