Biofuels, for submission
by Calvin Trent

Biofuels can be made from many things. The most common is from corn, sugarcane or soybeans. If it is a replacement for gasoline it is called ethanol. If to replace diesel it is called biodiesel.

Biofuel helps in two important ways. It cuts down the carbon dioxide from oil which is contributing to global warming. Secondly, it decreases our dependence on the Middle East oil supplies. Brazil no longer needs to import oil. It makes enough ethanol and biodiesel, which together with its own oil production, can operate all their cars and trucks.

They even designed the electronics of their vehicles to run on ethanol or gasoline... or even a mixture of both.

Biofuel can be made from soybeans, corn, corn husks, leaves, some types of garbage, wood chips, sawdust, algae, grasses and the stalks of some plants. Using corn is controversial however, as is produces harmful carbon dioxide during conversion to ethanol. New sources of ethanol which produce little carbon dioxide include sawdust, paper waste, grasses, leaves and corn husks.

With educational standards and the economy improving in the Philippines, hopefully this country can copy Brazil and seek independence from Middle East oil.

And even right now, you can buy nice electric motorcycles right here in Dumaguete!

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