Boxing: his livelihood; Senate: his vocation

Senator Pambansang Kama-o Manny Pacquiao declared that “boxing is his liveli hood, while being senator is his vocation.” As if he were to add: “why deprive me of my livelihood?”

Which brings us to support the livelihood of boxing for Manny Pacquiao whom the Filipinos also elected as senator. Just as nobody can stop any senator from stopping their current private business with his family, nobody has also the right to stop a senator-boxer from pursuing what he loves best, and lives most: boxing.

Most of all, through his hard-earned livelihood, he has brought honors and world wide acclaim for his country not to mention the punishments, and the bruises he received while giving honor to motherland. The Congress should even pass a law (if it is not self-serving now) to exempt Pacquiao from all taxes out of his boxing career which has given the Philippines immeasurable degree of fame and honor. Jus like what Mohammad Ali did to the United States. There can only be one of their kind in this generation. It used to be Flash Elorde, the Philippines’ first world boxing champ. But that was already history.

The point about Pacman is not to prohibit or disallow him from pursuing his boxing career as long as he wants. Just as other senators will continue to import luxury cars from abroad for sale here or operate resort hotels and restaurants and transportation businesses until kingdom come.

This we say, let Manny proceed with bringing laurels— and never shame— to his country. That is his privilege. But let him also be fair with the government by practicing strictly here in home base, and schedule his boxing matches when the Senate is in recess or on holiday.

After all . a boxing match will only last for less than two hours. What is that compared to long time plunderers!

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