Creative problem solving
by Nancy Russell Catan

Problem solving, more specifically creative problem solving, is of paramount importance to our country. If every one of us is able to solve his/her own problems, there would be no serious national problems. The government leaders could then devote their time and efforts to constructive development.

There would be no unemployment problem as each one of us would be able to find a way to support his own family. Many of us should be able to go into business and by creating employment, support others. Every peso that we earn in a business (whether sari-sari store or service business, any kind of business) contributes money into the government coffers to assist in national and local development, in progress.

Creative problem solving helps us become assets in our barangays, to our province, to the nation, yes, even to the world! We need to be an assets rather than problems.

The ability to create is a state of mind. To create means to make something new, to give birth to an idea, to originate and produce, to invent, to make the best even better. Our purpose on earth is to create; not solely to procreate or produce more babies, but to produce answers to the many problems facing us, to create a more favorable environment around us, and to make the most of the opportunities given us.

Everyone’s brain has the same thinking capacity as that of Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein or any other great thinkers and inventors. All the brain needs is exercise to make it come alive with thousands of ideas.

I believe the mind is like a cavernous storeroom full of dust. But beneath the dust lie unnumbered forgotten treasures which when brought out into the light of the sun, cleaned and polished, would delight even the kings and queens with their brilliance. The ideas and knowledge that are stored in the subconscious mind are only waiting for us to dust them off and polish them to brilliance.

Each one of us can be a creative thinker, an inventor, an asset to our family, to our environment, to our country. What does it take to be a creative thinker, creative problem solver and doer?

Be possessed with a desire to do something important, to create something new, to solve a pressing problem. Have a positive mental attitude. Choose to accept the challenge instead of complaining about the difficulty. Continually exercise your mind with mental gymnastics by asking yourself searching and penetrating que4stions about everything you see. Think out of the box, around the box, over and under the box.

Begin with the little everyday situations in life. Look not only with your physical eyes, but also with the eyes of your mind, with the eyes of your heart. Ask yourself: where, what is the good in this situation, in this problem, in this person?

Remember that God created everything and saw that it was good. So be sure that in everything there is a bit of good waiting for you to make it even better.

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