Credible possibility

While many people sympathize with the lone ranger in lady Senator Liela Delima, (D5, Frank says) the possibility to succumb to past temptations of money in the drug business while in DOJ power is actually a credible even if remote possibility.

This could then be a case of serving two masters: the national interest one hand, and ones personal interest in running and winning as senator, on the other. And as the saying goes, nobody can serve two masters. One must love and hate the other.

The apparent hysterical reaction of Senator Delima about her alleged links with big time drug convicts who allegedly helped finance her senatorial candidacy may be a credible and not a remote possibility.

But she does not have to go hysterical about it because she knows, that all these have yet s to be proven beyond reasonable doubt because this being is a criminal case.

These days because of a Duterte-controlled Congress it is now easy to convict one by adverse publicity with virtually no one to come to the rescue of the victim, who in this case is SD Delima.

We can understand delima’s hysterical reaction,, but she should have controlled herself and should not have gone “ beserk “on a press conference at the senate. Instead, duterte used her hysterical mode against her and that did not give Delima any good. She could have played a “cardinal sin” by asking the Church to back her up as a human rights victim. Looks like she could have gotten support because this is also the human rights stand of the church against the Duterte administration.

Both Duterte (DU30), and Delima (D5) are San Bedans they should be smart enough so as not to self desruct themselves in public. Of course there are many silent sympathizers of Dleima, but on the other hand, many also hated her because of her prosecution of another lady, an ex-president in Gloria arroyo whom Delima also virtually pinned down and overkilled arroyo in her fouryear hospital detention only to be acquitted in the end. It would seem that this Duterte Delima Arroyo twists of faith is actually the golden rule true to form.

Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. But that is beside the point.

What is at point is that congressional hearings are only for aid of legislation, and not in aid of destruction or grandstanding and personal destruction lo or vendetta.

For this our congress boys both in the lower and upper chambers should have known better and start buckling down to work, and let the law order and justice take its course in our court salas and not in the halls of congress.

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