“DU30 vs. D-5”
by Atty. Francisco D. Yap

The Filipino People is now being entertained by very popular real telenovela involving DU30 or President Duterte vs. Delima (D-5).

In any movie, there is such a thing as a casting director, where he choose the actors that will pay the role of the characters in the movie. In real life, indeed God is a good casting director. Look at the faces of Digong and Delima. They are the main characters in a real life drama about drugs.

President Digong Duterte’s drive against drugs is very intense because his children were victims of drug addiction but are now rehabilitated, hopefully. But this was very traumatic for our President that is why he is very intense in his anti-drug drive, with specific instructions to the law enforcement officers to kill those drug personalities who offer resistance to the policemen.

On the other hand, D5 or Delima who used to be the head of the Human Rights Commission, who investigated Duterte in con nection with the DDS or the famous Davao Death Squad. Delima was also appointed by President Noynoy Aquino as Secretary of Department of Justice (DOJ) and during her term raided the National Bureau of Prison of Muntinlupa, and found out that the very national prisons housing all thousands of national prisoner, was the very center of the drug distribution throughout the country.

But after the raid, it seems that Delima as Secretary of the Department of Justice became part of the drug syndicate, with the alleged driver of Delima, collecting the money from the drug syndicate at the Muntinlupa Prison. There are alleged video of Delima visiting secretly the Muntinlupa and there are sex videos involving sexual acts of Delima.

Indeed, this has be come so complicated, that it involves sex, drugs, violence, intrigue and other plots more interesting than any fictional movie or short story.

As this real drama unfolds the majority of the Filipino people are confused and bewildered what is really happening or what is really the truth?

What is tragic is that, real people are being killed as the on going drama unfolds.

According to Mark Twain, “TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION.” Meaning, “sometimes what actually happens, is more bizarre than anything that could have been imagine.” In short, it is “unbelievable.”

What is happening now to Duterte and Delima, is just unbelievable!

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