How to beat loneliness
by Dr. Angel V. Somera

Everyone must have experienced the pangs of being lonely in this life. When God created Adam in the Garden of Eden, God realized that Adam was so alone and it was not good for man to be lonely, he should have a loving companion. So God created Eve by plucking a rib from Adamís side and lo, Eve evolved.

We Filipinos are known to be a sentimental people. When a loved one goes away to work abroad, or even just to take a long vacation, people who are left behind would easily cry, and would feel very lonely. They would lose their appetite and could not sleep at night. This feeling of depression would go several days and nights. Many of these weak-willed people would even get sick and become so thin and emaciated and some may land in the psychiatric ward.

Authorities suggest some measures to conquer loneliness.

∑ Well, have a good cry. It is therapeutic to pour your tears as a check-valve during sudden departures.

∑ Be good to yourself. Seek the company of your friends and have a good time. Enjoy and beat the blues.

∑ Realize that you are not alone.

∑ Break the bad habit of isolating yourself.

∑ Act like an enthusiastic person.

∑ Associate with enthusiastic people.

∑ Practice hope until you can achieve a happy spirit.

∑ Seek a credible counselor to help you resolve your serious problems in life.

∑ Always pray to God to help you live a Christcentered life!

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