Negros Federal State

Negros Island Region (NIR), in the near fu ture, can yet be considered to be among the future 11 Federal States of the Philippines as envisioned by this Duterte adminstration.

According to Local Governments Code author retired Sen Aquilino “Nene” Pimientel Jr, NIR an stand and qualify for one Federal State . This Pimentel revealed when he visited the island region last week in Bacolod.

Of late Negros Oriental belonged to Central Visayas region while Negros Occidental belonged to Western Visayas before the legalization of Negros Island Region. Under the old set up, this Negros island will never progress enough because it was a divided island belonging to two regions. No integrated development can be realized…..But not anymore.

Under the one Negros Island Region, our socio economic growth could affect the development of the country in many aspects of like agriculture, natural environment , and even in terms of infra development. We can be the central link among the Visayas islands with future bridges that can hasten progress.

Reports have it that the “wild” idea of City Mayor IPE Remollo has caught the fancy of President Duterte when the two talked in Davao recently. In fact, the idea to link Negros Island Region with the rest of the Visasyas island with bridges of progress was approved “in principle” by Duterte subject of course to viable planning.

That is why we are sounding off our local officialdom who belong to the Oriental side to vouch the idea of running in the coming Constitutional Convention representing Negros Island Region. For all we know, if we become a Negros Federal State and we can have one Negrense sitting in the future parliament.

If only political rigging will be minimized, we can bet one of our intelligent academe to run for parliament. But if things do not change and politics will be as usual, we can forget about it.

Shift to federalism should be done within the next two years otherwise it might be too late. Under as federal system, there will be equitable distribution of government resources.

The federal states will come from four in Luzon, four in the Visayas, Western, Eastern, Central and Negros Visayas regions. and three in Mindanao. With Negros Island Region which is now being considered one of the 11 federal Philippine states, we have bright prospects of gaining progress faster, under a federal state system.

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