Provoking the US; tinikling in China

There was a lot of psychology involved and in voked in that recent clash of demonstrators and the police in front of the U.S. embassy last Wednesday where for the first time there were two rallyists who were literally ran over by a police mini pickup as it drove through the crowd. Nobody as even killed.

Obviously the demonstrators were well instructed and rehearsed as to push it through the limit so as to break the police stand of maximum tolerance. So the more tolerant the authorities, the lesser effect was the provocation of the demonstrators.

Thee just have to look for one or two policemen whose patience will be broken and there goes the pandemonium. This time, it was the police car’ s driver who broke down his patience and rammed his cars to the crowd to and fro thereby running over two demonstrators front and back.

Aha, and this was the break that the rallyists wanted (even at the expense of their co-demonstrators) so they could now shouted police brutality and intolerance.

And this simple incident could be used by rallyists to justify and denounce police brutality. This is an old method and new for young millennial.

So while a group of demonstrators chanted anti U.S. slogans and turned violent, their president was in china, dancing the tinikling with the Chinese. The BIG IRONY IS: DUTERTE is hell bent in eradicating the drug users, even knowing that most of the drug supplies in this country comes from CHINA. And here is Duterte facing, smiling and dancing the tinikling with the Chinese. Nothing wrong with that. Hala padayun doy, ug as aka kutob.

As for the Duterte police, will they also investigate whether or not the demonstrators were high on drugs? One cannot seem to be that “angry” without enough motivation. Drug test those demonstrators and we bet you many were high on drugs.

A rallyist who appears to be violent and angry could possibly be high on drugs. This is the favorite excuse of DCops. The simple truth is they want to provoke anger also on their objective which is the U.S. The more they provoke the U.S. the more the U.S. would retaliate even secretly, not openly. And many time more effective than downright overt reaction.

So do not judge rallies by their covers and their causes. Judge the agenda behind as to whether the Philippines demonstrations as violent as the one last Wednesday, would be worth continuing or repeating.

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