by James “ Kojak ” Hughs

During the Invasion of Grenada a US platoon discovered a platoon of Cuban military engineers. Despite the fact the Cubans were not actively engaged in military operations, did not fire on our troops, our troops fired on them. Several US troops were killed in the exchange. The platoon leader was not disciplined.

When the American troops needed fire support they found their radios could not contact the only fire support ( Navy) available. Whoever planned the invasion had not realized the Army radios were on a different frequency than the Navy. The Army platoon leader used his cellphone to call the Pentagon in Washington DC thousands of miles away and had them relay his fire request to the naval ship just a few hundred meters from his position. A major screw up that cost lives. To my knowledge no one was disciplined and he probably received a medal for his work on this invasion.

Off of Grenville, six of the Navy’s best warriors were hilocast into the sea. Their mission was to secure the Pearl’s airport. Unfortunately they got the wrong tidal information and were sucked out to the open sea and died. Much of the intelligence we had on Grenada was outdated and wrong. I know I updated it after the war. Again to my knowledge no one was punished and yet brave men died.

The entire invasion was based on false or distorted information.

No one tried to impeach President Reagan. There was no huge national witch hunt to punish men who tried to do their job and made mistakes. We submitted after action reports and corrected the mistakes so they would not happen again. Some military people had their military careers cut short but there was no national frenzy to find someone to punish.

As a professional warrior with combat experience I can NOT understand the Philippines penchant for self-punishment. The President did his job. He gave qualified professionals ( Purisima was under graft charges NOT charges of military/police incompetence) the job to arrest a known murdering terrorist. PRESIDENT DID HIS JOB. Could the operation have been done.

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