Shabu repacked in BJMP city jail

Now it can be told that shabu is indeed processed packed and repacked inside the city jail in Bajumpandan. This resulted in a raid conducted by the new Provincial PNP Commander PS/Supt Nestor Tiempo.

Operation Greyhound was conducted Friday Aug 5, at the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in barangay Bajumpandan after jail guards recovered two sachets of prohibited drugs inside the pockets of a visitor while going out of the jail premises three days ago.

Earlier one Andy Bancairen Silaya, 46 years old was caught enflagrante delicto in possession of two sachets after visiting a drug suspect identified as Marlon Abines on Wednesday.

As a result, a surprise massive jail inspection was initiated by the provincial command headed by PS/Supt Nestor Tiempo, and conducted by more than 60 operatives from different anti-drug units of the Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office (NORPPO), to include the Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB), Special Operations Group (SOG), Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (PAIDSOTG), Provincial Drug Enforcement Administration (PDEA), Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC), and the SWAT with a K-9 dog.

Recovered during the surprise jail inspection are assorted bladed weapons, blades, improvised knives, improvised tooters, improvised clips, more than 100 lighters, used tinfoils, empty sachets with residues, a handful of cellphones, and other gadgets.

This means that’ the city jail is the place where shabu is repacked to smaller sachets for distribution in Dumauete. But surprise, only over 600 surrenderees here as self confessed users and pushers but with 57 surrendered pushers the highest in the province.

In sum, the province got over 9000 users and over 100 pushers.

According to the SOG operative, it was not a surprise to some of the detainees because in one cell, they found a small plastic container with several plastic sachets already soaked in the water so that no evidences found. They also flashed the shabu in the toilet bowl.

At the kitchen of Bajumpandan city jail, the searching team recovered several cellphones and other gadgets inside the sack of NFA rice including bladed weapons hidden underneath the “pogon.” Or a native stove.

“Blue books” were also recovered containing the lists of illegal drug personalities, including their payables and collectibles that are by thousands. One of the raiders operative was surprised to see the photograph of his official as well as pictures of other police officers inside the detention cell of known drug personalities and high value targets.

PS/Supt Tiempo refused to issue a statement but asked his deputy PSupt Reynold Andot to give details.

Now at least we know that visitors of city jail inmates are the distributing agnets of shabu into the city because they are not inspected upon exiting the city jail after visiting “a friend.”

So the best solution is to frisk all visitors upon going out of the city jail after visitations in order to block the entry of illegal drugs into the city.

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