In every leader, elected or appointed, there is expected to be bestowed upon his or her assumption the spirit of Statesmanship, otherwise known as political maturity. One should be magnanimous in victory.

These are old clichés but apparently these values must be invoked during and especially after any political election. In a bitterly fought political rivalry, both winners and vanquished must sport, even just for external consumption, these three synonymous virtues namely: Statesmanship political maturity and magnanimity.

STATESMANSHP entails humility. A boisterous and proud elected official is a disgrace and is a mistake of an electorate. A non-statesman who is also a votegetter should not compromise these virtues because it defines the brand of leadership one will have once elected in public officer.

The gesture of vice governor Mark Macias of personally fetching allowing himself to be served with the order for him to vacate the governorship which lasted on a recorded days of ten days from June 17, is one that we can brands as statesmanlike.

Macias in order to stop the capitol controversy at least for the moment, drove himself to Bacolod regional DILG office and sought and got the order for him to vacate because Gov. Degamo was able to secure a temporary restraining order ante, and for him to go back as governor, as ordered by the Court of Appeals. 5th special division – This act was indeed an act of a statesman.

Even setting aside protocol, Mark Macias wanted to show that his assumption even for ten days as governor from June 17 to June 28, had to be cut short because of the TRO ante and the DILG order to that effect. He also wanted to dispel mis-branding that he wants to prolong his shortlived governorship by simply awaiting idly for the order to cease and desist. But rather he personally fetched the order and had it done over with after lunch last Tuesday.

But the legal battle against Gov. Degamo has just begun at the Court of Appeals. And God knows when it will be over considering the many options allowed by each party if only to attain the element of DUE PROCESS and ultimately justice.

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