Test of faith
by James “ Kojak ” Hughs

The subject of this column is extremely sensitive. It deals with two subjects near and dear to every Filipino’s heart. By writing about them, I risk making some of my readers angry maybe even losing a few but it is news and I do have an opinion.

FIRST I never write about religion for several reasons. Primarily I do not write about it because religion is admittedly not my area of expertise. The Negros Chronicle has a full page of excellent writers far more qualified than myself. SECOND I believe Manny Pacquiao is a National Treasure. He is the finest fighter in his weight class the world has ever seen. From humble beginnings, he has literally fought his way to the top of his profession. I honor and respect him for his dedication, hard work and talent.

I have long felt Manny’s decision to run for political office was a mistake. I understand his desire to “give back” to the people who have supported him, but it is much like the American Dr Carson running for president; they are both out of their area of expertise. Politics is a different jungle. History indicates that success in one profession does not mean automatic success in a different field. In American history many great warriors made terrible presidents. A look at Philippine history reveals a similar trend.

When Manny described homosexuals as being “worse than animals” he dramatically revealed he is not ready to be a politician. It is not a matter of whether he was right or wrong; I leave that to the religious experts. What is important is, as a politician, he is responsible to serve ALL the people, not just the ones he likes or approves. By infusing his religious beliefs into his political persona he instantly alienated approximately 15 million Filipinos; not to mention millions of friends and relatives of those same homosexuals.

There is strong scientific evidence that homosexuality is genetic; not a matter of choice but a matter of birth. Twin Studies, XY Chromosome Studies and Thermal Imagery provide strong evidence that homosexuality is “natural’. If it is “natural” why would God create it? Why would He condemn it? According to Darwin a trait that does not contribute to survival is bred out of a species. How come homosexuality exists in almost every species. How does it contribute to survival of any species? Anthropologists theorize homosexuality is a natural form of population control. Homosexuals provide for the “tribe” without increasing the population. As to why God would create homosexuals and then condemn them, I can only rely on what I have read. He may simply have done it as a population control or as a test of our compassion. Some Bible scholars have said the passages condemning homosexuality are about pagan recruiting practices not specifically homosexuality. Seems many pagan religions used homosexuality and prostitutes to get followers. Again, I do not know the answer. What I do know is, for me, it is wrong to condemn and punish people who have no control over their genetics; who have no real control over their lifestyle. I will leave any punishment they might be due to the hands of God.

Manny should have left religion to the priests. In a way I am happy he made this mistake. Maybe now he he can give up being part of a corrupt profession and do something real for the people who love him.

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