The amazing technology of cataract microsurgery
by Dr. Angel V. Somera

Cataract is one of the most common eye afflictions of man. The real cause of cataract is unknown. Aging may play a role in its development. However, newborns whose mothers contacted German measles during pregnancy and some young people may also develop the condition.

The term cataract is from the Greek word waterfall because people with it see their environment as if they are looking through a waterfall.

Cataract is the disease of the lens of the eye producing progressive deterioration of vision leading up to blindness. The definitive cure for this disease is surgical removal of the opaque lens and the implantation of a new intraocular lens.

Most competent and experienced surgeons have a 99% success rate. The microsurgery is painless, bloodless, and takes only few minutes to finish.

Symptoms of Cataract Blurring of vision occurring most often in one eye. Then the other eye also follows or deteriorates (blurred). The patient may experience glare in bright light.

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