The doctors within the human body the natural healers
by Dr. Angel V. Somera

God the Father, in His Wonderful Creation, created man so perfectly that the human body is like machinery; all the body organs are integrated in their functions, complimenting with one another efficiently, thus ensuring and maintaining the human person’s health for life.

A set of organ systems has its respective functions like various medical specialists that excellently manage the orderliness of the different body parts of the whole anatomy of the human body.

The healing power of the body organs within the human body is likened to the functions and services of a group of doctors with their respective specializations. The following are the body organs with their natural healing powers or services that compliment with each other, respectively.

1. The BRAIN or the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM is the master gland that commands the other body organs to work well. It is responsible for our thinking power as well as our feelings (emotion). Authorities believe that the brain is the seat of our soul or spirit.

2. The DERMAL SYSTEM (skin) “The doctor or healer” that binds or holds all the body organs and protects the human body from infection.

3.The SKELETAL SYSTEM is another body doctor or healer that provides the framework of the body and manufactures red blood cells at the ends of the bone heads.

4. The IMMUNE SYSTEM mainly protects the whole body from infection.

5. The DIGESTIVE SYSTEM is the “doctor – healer” that digests and assimilates the nutritional needs of the body.

6. The RESPIRATORY SYSTEM supplies the needed oxygen as well as eliminates the carbon dioxide from the body.

7. The URINARY SYSTEM eliminates the urine and other wastes from the body.

8. The LYMPHATIC SYSTEM filters the harmful elements circulating in the body.

9. HEMATINIC or CIRCULATING SYSTEM provides the fluids, electrolytes and other essential elements like red blood cells, white blood cells and other phagocytes.

10. The HORMONAL or GLANDULAR SYSTEM is the “doctor – healer” that regulates growth and metabolism of the body.

If any of the organ system is showing sign and symptom of sickness, please refer early to the real doctor in the hospital to prevent any complication that may possibly lead to death.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!

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