The importance of common sense
by Dr. Angel V. Somera

When I was young, my Dad, who used to be a Biology teacher at the Negros Oriental High School had taught me and my other siblings a lot of beneficial lessons on how to be a good, knowledgeable person not only about things we basically learned in school but most importantly on things that would make us use our common sense to make us good, wise, most practical and gentle people. To my dad, a real man is one who knows how to be responsible, independent and flexible and can do a lot of common sense.

We cannot deny that in this world people differ in talents. And let us remember the moral lesson we learned from the short story (fable) of the mountain and the squirrel… “You can carry forest at your back but neither can you crack a nut!”

We are living in very challenging words of common sense! There are people who are so dogmatic and so absolute and exacting in their words as if they are perfect. Example: “Dark cloud always brings rain.” The truth is: “dark cloud does not always bring rain.”

Here are some reflections of common sense that are true to life.

*A mole can teach a philosopher on the art of digging a hole.

*The one who is not hungry calls the coconut shells hard.

*The bullfrog knows better about rain than the almanac.

*(Persian proverb) “One pound of learning requires 10 pounds of common sense to apply it.

*One hand cannot tie a bundle.

*(An equalizer) Black cow also gives white milk.

*Dirty water will also wash dirt.

*Every family has a skeleton in the closet.

*(Swiss proverb) if one has common sense, he can talk to cattle.

Why can people of good nature talk and understand the nature (behavior) of plants and animals? Saints claim that even living plants and animals have sentient souls! Hence, they can also feel like human beings. They bleed when they are pricked… They also need tender and loving care, like us! These living creatures essentially need our common sense to let them grow and propagate. If we neglect their basic needs, they will die!

“If you wish to be blamed, marry!

But if you wish to be praised, die!

For heaven’s sake, use your common sense!”

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