The importance of hugging
by Dr. Angel V. Somera

Hugging is a common approved non-verbal way of greetings in a peaceful and well-bred soci-ety.

Different cultures have their own way of greeting and showing their utmost respect even with strangers: the Eskimos rob their noses; the Russians hug (bear hug) and kiss the cheeks; but majority just extend their hands for a handshake. But Filipinos imitate the Western style hug and cheek-to-cheek.

Studies by both psychologists and social scientist claim that hugging is a very vital major healing activity. It has been proven that hugging is an important sense of touch that makes people feel good. Infants left in a crib without human contact are easily vulnerable to suffer from illnesses, and die.

Surprisingly and ironically, there are still some individuals in our society who frown upon hugging. These are the bigoted people who were raised in an extremely malicious and moralistic family atmosphere. They project hugging as a highly sexualized behavior or an immoral act. They have a bad conscience. Please avoid them!

Health authorities always advice to hug every friend or relative you meet and let yourself be hugged by them. Hugging is a priceless gift or gesture you, as a true Christian can give to a weary soul.

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