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Burial visits: Biblical

IT IS NOT TRUE that there is no Biblical basis in visiting the dead in local cemeteries and memorial parks , sprucing up the tombs of corpses of those whose souls have left their bodies.

In the Bible, early in the second morning after Jesus us was buried in the borrowed tomb of Joseph of Aremathia, Jesus apostles took turns in visiting Jesus’ body, bringing spices and perfumes to anoint the body including most probably incense and other items that will enhance the burial ground of Jesus, only to find out that he already rose from the dead, physically body and soul on the third day. So everybody rushed to the cemetery where Jesus was buried which indicated that visiting the dead where their bodies are buried like Nov. 1 and 2 indeed has Biblical basis.

The bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and at the end of Age, body and soul will be reunited in a glorified state to live with God (or suffer in hell) forever.

Nov 1 is marked as All-Saints Day honoring all the named and un-named saints who are in Heaven including all your loved ones, who died in grace, while Nov. 2 is to honor those who have died and are still in the cleansing stage, in a place or state which some call Purgatory .

There is absolutely nothing wrong in visiting the burial grounds of our departed loved ones just because dead bodies can no longer talk nor respond. But there is certainly something wrong if what the apostles did— in visiting the body and tomb of Jesus—— is regarded by many as not in consonance with the Christian Faith.

We Filipinos mark these two days with reverence ever since our old folks introduced this unique Filipino culture. Since these are declared special holidays, (no work, no pay) it was a time and opportunity for families to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Many of whom spend these reunions at the cemeteries and memorial parks in the physical resting place of their loved ones.







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