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“Corruption drive”
by Atty. Francisco D. Yap

The DSWD official in charge of the relief goods of more than a million pesos, who did not dis tribute the goods to the poor victims of the typhoons should resign or be charged and dismissed outright by Pesident Duterte. They cannot have any excuse under any circumstance because there are so many people who cannot sleep because they are hungry. The DSWD buried the expired goods at the dumpsite.

President Duterte should stop talking and delivering speeches, it just makes him controversial the moment he says “PUTANG INA”, but I guess that is his style. We elected a President who is “BUGOY” but I guess that is how he makes things happen.

Let us give drugs like shabu, cocaine or opium, and catyubong, otherwise known as angels’ trumpet to all inmates at Muntinglupa Jail, so that they will be happy, elated and high all the time.

Nationwide surveys that the Social Weather Station conducted on September 24 to 27, covering 1,200 respondents, shows “excellent” net trust rating for President Duterte.

The COCO LEVY FUND estimated to be 83 billion pesos which was sequestered by the government after Marcos was ousted by Peoples Power Revolt, which had been ruled by the Supreme Court to be as public fund should be used by the government for the benefit of the coconut farmers and develop the coconut industry.

President Duterte should use this to alleviate poverty for those indigent coconut workers.

The national prisoners should be placed in an Island like ALCATRAZ in America, so that nobody can escape and free from drugs or influence from corrupt Department of Justice officials. Better still let them work in the penal colony to raise food for their consumption and for the families of the victims.

How I wish President Duterte should concentrate his efforts next to fight corruption in the government including those in the judiciary. Conduct buy-bust operations on judges.

As a practicing lawyer I know personally there are definitely hoodlums in robes.

Increase the budget for the National Bureau of Investigation, hire more incorruptible agents and install secretly close circuit T.V. and I am sure there will be vacancies in the government and the jail will be overcrowded.

Take the Civil Service Exams, you will not have any problem with job employment. The Civil Service Law requires that those with civil service eligibility should be given preference in the employment and furthermore they should be assigned in their own locality.

Mr. President, please go after corrupt officials and you will be the hero of the Filipino People.








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