iFinance Consultancy explains side on controversy

The owner of iFinance Consultancy Ms. Czarina Dolliente nicknamed “Jei” clarified in a press conference regarding false accusations of a complainant who gave its own version before the NBI.

Dolliente of iFinance emphasized that she did not escape responsibility and remained here in the City because she is a resident here, and has an office in Calindagan in front of Kagawad Lani Ramon’s house.

She told a press conference that iFinance is not closing down and would break the trust of her investors . She urged anyone to scrutinize her financial status. Her firm is giving ten percent fixed interest monthly. Her office is open from 9am to 12noon and 2pm to 5pm. She is very transparent and always open to people who want to know about her business.

Ms Czarina Dolliente started her trading business six years ago. The first two years was her personal trading business. Later her friends urged her to expand her business by using her skills in the trading industry. She received investors who were interested to join.

Asked why her firm was not registered with the SEC, she said that the nature of her business does not required SEC registration.

She cited the ups and downs of her business. Investors were happy when business was doing good. Now that it is a bit down, some investors want their money to earn as usual as before which is not the case. She said that in the trading business, timing is essential. Waiting for the golden opportunity to buy foreign exchange takes time but is worth the wait.

Like any business, once it is up, next time it is down. She explained why the high interest of 10 percent a month in her finance consultancy. Ms Dolliente said there are three kinds of investments, one is low risk, medium rish and the third is the high risk investment.

Slow risk is like the banks with 3.5 percent interest, and medium risk as mutual fund is higher interest and the high risk has as bigger yield of interest like the foreign exchange. The stock exchange is volatile. High earnings mean high interest for the investors.

Dolliente in the press conference said that in her six years of managing foreign exchange trading, it is only now that the integrity of the company is questioned. From personal trading, she expanded by receiving other investors.

Most of her clients belong to the middle class without any discrimination. Lowest investment can be met at P5Million clean money without any liens and other compromises. It could be investments for education of children, for hospitalization and for use during emergencies.

About the bouncing check as complained by one Maiko Gablinez before the prosecutor, Dolliente said that while the check was not yet funded in March and April since there was double payment. Checks were worth P50,000 interest and added with the same amount in the bank account of such client.

Finally Dolliente said it is not true that P1.21Million is the complainant’s investment but only P700,000. Earlier complainant Gablines said P500,000 was owned by the pastor.

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