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Keeping your soul alive III
by Nancy Russell Catan

This week I continue sharing with you some practices to encourage you to keep your soul alive, alert and active. Practice is process, and it changes over time. A practice does not need to be complicated or require a great deal of your time or demand strenuous exercise. Rather, keeping your soul alive involves making a commitment to be more aware of yourself, your inner self, and allowing yourself to become better and a little bit stronger, more vibrant every day.

Look for Wisdom. Wisdom is hiding everywhere, but we haven’t learned how to look, so that makes it very hard to see. It’s a bit like those puzzles for children where you have to count how many animals you can find hidden in the picture of a tree, or look for different faces in a cartoon picture.

In the end, everyone and everything is our teacher, on one level or another. With open eyes and heart we can see wisdom in a child, an event, a family picnic, the little songbird outside our window, or even in the most chaotic situation. Every experience is a challenge for us to see the wisdom in it. In your experiences this past week, what wisdom has been revealed?

Be Open to the Grace of the Moment. The Brusatts, authors of “100 Ways To Keep Your Soul Alive”, call these moments of grace “gracelets”. What are gracelets? Seeing God’s hand in every moment of our life. Paying attention to the moments of meaning in the mundane, the everyday worldly happenings. Discovering in the little happenings the landscape being created for us by God. Seeing the rainbows through the dark clouds.

Deal with Your Doubts. Doubting is not a sin. Nor does it denote a lack of faith. Lack of faith is a pure and simple disbelief. Doubting is an invitation to enter into the mystery of life more deeply, to go beyond the superficial. Doubt is one of the first steps toward creativity and betterment of life. Write a letter to your doubts, thanking them for the lessons they have taught you.

Be an Angel. I believe in angels, in our capacity to move with angels, in our ability to be an angel to others. Angels bear light and harmony, angels guide and comfort us. Angels are present when needed and encourage us through our difficult times in life. Be an angel today for your loved ones, bearing messages of hope and renewal. Be an angel tomorrow for a stranger.

Cherish Gentleness. Gentleness values the softly spoken word, the tender touch, the warm embrace, and the kind, approving gesture. It is the power of other’s gentleness that moves us to become better.

It is in consideration of others that brings forth their fullest presence. It is this attitude of gentleness that enervates our soul to goodness. Be gentle toward everyone you meet today.







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