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My personal report about America
by Calvin Trent

I can report about Cali fornia, and America in general, but mostly California as that was where I lived before retiring here. What’s fun about living in California is your neighbors come from many countries, speak many languages and have many religions. Most people are friendly about their different ideas however a few people are pushy and irritating.... for example, about religion or politics.

Some of the rich people think they’re better then the rest of us, however some are very very nice and help with Charities. Most of the attorneys in the world live in America and there’s laws and regulations about everything which makes it a restrictive country to live in.

People are afraid of lawsuits and live with a little bit of fear because it’s a country of too many laws, and also there are many people with stress who are angry. However, most people are nice and care about everyone in the world, not just their families. When there is a disaster anywhere in the world they will use their credit cards and donate some money. 99% of the soldiers are from good families and are very good people who want to do good wherever they are assigned. Many go to college after they finish serving their time in the military.

People may have two cars and a big TV but usually everything is on loans and the pressure to pay those loans, usually via credit cards, is very great.

Most people are suspicious of the government as the big businesses are so powerful they can put pressure on the government to help them make more profits.

There is a lot of good in America but they’re not happier there than in the Philippines. People are healthier in the Philippines as they are more active physically, like to sing and enjoy life, and eat fresh food everyday. People are happier here.





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