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by James “ Kojak ” Hughs

Many Americans, especially those residing in the Philippines, are bewildered on why President Duterte has turned his back on America. After all, America has been such a good friend to the Philippines, done so much for Filipinos. We even considered making the Philippines our 51ststate.

Lets examine that “friendship” a little closer.

It might surprise a lot of Americans to know there were Filipino settlements in North America, six of them, 100 years before the Pilgrims. They actually lived worked and played in America before the first English speakers even settled there. During the War of 1812, Filipinos stood beside General Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans. Their support helped defeat the British army. The British lost 2,000 troops and 6 generals and the defenders of New Orleans, aided by “Manila Men, only lost 37,”. In the Civil War, over 100 Filipinos fought bravely on the side of the North and helped free the slaves. During the Indian Wars, Filipinos served in the US Cavalry. In almost every war America has fought, our Filipino brothers have stood and often died at our side. Even in what America calls the “Philippine Insurrection” Filipinos help America by fighting their own brothers and sisters. One of the founders of Los Angeles was a Filipino ( Antonio Rodriguez) and his daughter. Up through history, hardworking Filipinos have been at our side. Filipinos were even involved in our civil rights struggle. When it comes to being a friend Filipinos have proven, often with their lives, to be good friends.

There is no question America has done some good things for Filipinos, we know this because America never get tired of telling them about the good things we have done for them. So let us look at the truth and not the self-serving hyperbole. Most of America never even thought about the Philippines until the Spanish American War. We pat ourselves on the back for freeing the Philippines from Spanish domination. The truth is we did almost nothing. The Filipinos had driven the Spanish into isolation inside Manila. A total Philippine victory and freedom were just days away without American help. America took credit for a victory they had almost nothing to do with. Then to add insult to injury, bought the Philippines from someone who did not own it. During the “insurrection” America’s disdain for Filipinos was blatant. We even wrote songs about the “monkey’s in Zamboanga have no tails”. When brave Filipinos had the temerity to win an engagement, General “Howling Wilderness” Smith had every Filipino male above the age of five slaughtered. Thousands of INNOCENT Filipinos died and General Smith got a slap on the wrist and allowed to retire. The general’s military unit still has the church bells they stole as war souvenirs in violation of international law. (to be continued)







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