Citizens favor curfew to stay

Even human rights advocates are inclined to support the continued implementation of the local curfew ordinance, which essentially prohibits minors from wandering out of their homes after 10:00 o’clock in the evening.

Besides curfew serine is now part of city life here, ever since post war era.The sound of the alarm whistle at 945pm is now an institution in Dumaguete, so much so that a sector always calls why the serine was missed aired one night.

The Supreme Court recently issued a Temporary Restraining Order against similar ordinances of Manila, Quezon and Navotas cities until the issue of the constitutionality of the measures are resolved. Petitioners against the ordinance argued that the measures unjustly restrict the basic human rights to liberty and travel.

President Rodrigo Duterte has supported the imposition of curfew across the country as one of the means to curb the commission of crimes and other illegal activities.

Dumaguete City hosts a number of universities and colleges with thousands of students many of whom are still 18-years-old below implemented the curfew ordinance, which affects their legitimate activities in schools and churches.

However, Dr. Jesus Canete, Special Investigator of the Commission on Human Rights and Nando Martinez Action Officer of the Negros Oriental Anti-Drugs Abuse Council stressed that the curfew on minors remains one of the best means to make the city safer for young and old alike.

Canete noted the absence of any reported abuse committed by authorities in the course implementing the curfew ordinance. (By Dems Demecillo)

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