DA targets 50K hashtags to promote brown rice

Experts agree that consuming brown rice would be good for the health, but since itís not a fashionable, the Department of Agriculture wants to cultivate one by urging netizens to post photos of themselves in their facebook, twitter and instagram accounts eating the staple captioned with the #BROWN4good Challenge.

Launched Tuesday, the Department of Agriculture NIR Chief Bernard Limbaga and Office of the Provincial Agriculture OIC Nestor Villaflores elaborated on the health benefits of consuming brown rice as the daily staple of Filipino families.

DA Specialist Alvin Blaza explained that brown rice is not a distinct variety; it is a whole grain form of rice with only the outermost layer called hull/husk is removed. The intact brand gives it a distinct brown or tan color, nutty taste and chewy texture.

There are four benefits that can be derived from consuming brown rice: it has higher protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidant compared to the popular white rice; increases farmerís income; help achieve rice-sufficiency due to 10% higher milling recovery and charitable since for every hash tag generated DA will commit to feed the poor.

#BROWN4goodchallenge aims to reach 50, 000 hash tags by October 31, 2016 is in line with the Be Riceponsible advocacy campaign of the Department of Agriculture using the social media to create awareness of the health benefits of consuming brown rice.

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