Duterte can deliver His SONA promises

Business people and politicians sincerely believe that President Rodrigo Duterte can certainly deliver on his promises made during his 1st State of the Nation Address (SONA), which speaks volume on his credibility.

Among the promises made, would be the relentless crackdown against the illegal drugs trade and criminality, relaxing the provisions on foreign ownership, lowering of the income tax, reducing red tape stance, free public internet access and freedom of information.

Amlan Vice-Mayor Bentham Dela Cruz said that LGUs have high hopes in Duterte, being one of their own, he was the longest serving mayor of Davao City, and thus, he is one who fully understands what the people truly needs.

Zamboanguita Mayor Glenson Alanano is also optimistic noting that there has been a significant breakthrough in the war against illegal drugs even if Duterte is still less than 100 days in office.

Ed Du, President of the Negros Oriental Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, agrees that a peaceful country would boost investors’ confidence making it conducive to business growth and expansion.

However, Commission on Human Rights Special Investigator Jesus Canete pointed out the apparent lack of sustainable anti-drugs plan by the Duterte administration considering that nearly 145, 000 have already surrendered to the police only to be asked to sign a paper and nothing more.

“If Duterte wants to really win the war against illegal drugs, he must arrest all the big fishes to include the drug lords and their protectors in the police and officials in high government places,” Canete stressed.

The CHR prober noted that only the street level peddlers and users are being pursued. Furthermore, the President should seriously put up more drug rehabilitation centers and embark on a more robust campaign to reduce poverty so that the poor will not be lured into the illegal drugs industry.

Based on the PNP nearly 500 suspected drugs users and pushers have been killed since July 1 but an independent group puts the death toll at 667.

Canete vowed that the CHR will not be intimidated and shall fulfill its constitutional mandate to protect human rights and dignity, which is a hallmark of a modern and civilized society where no one is above the law and all suspects are accorded due process. (By Dems Demecillo)

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