Gov-BM teams to pass budget

Because of the urgency and the long overdue provincial budget which remained re enacted due to political squabbles, a team both from the governorís office and the provincial board are mulling with the idea of working out a way by which they can come up with a compromise just to serve the needs of the public.

So what took them so long? Why did they let the people suffer with these political squabbles which did not end up in anything more fruitful?

There are board members who a sympathetic with the idea to have the budget passed because even their pet projects have suffered delays.

Now that a convincing Degamo victory resulted from the last elections, some board members are softening their stand since they too are now leaderless and might be thinking of jumping ship and join the Degamo bandwagon.

Degamo won with over 313,000 votes in the last elections.

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