Halt all cockfights until rules clarified

Nothing that the Sangguniang Panglungsod may have been unwittingly granting permits for the conduct of special cockfights without strictly adhering to the laws, Dumaguete City Councilors led by Alan Gel Cordova decided to hold in abeyance all applications for special permits unless all regulations have been reviewed and enforced.

Well established is the fact that cockfighting or bulang is not banned in the city but rather regulated particularly under the 1997 Omnibus Local Tax Code of Dumaguete City, which provides that no special cockfights shall be allowed unless authorized by a special permit from the SP with the approval of the City Mayor, the application for a special permit shall be filed with the SP at least three days before the event and must be duly signed by owner-operator or license of the host cockpit.

Section 22 of said ordinance further provides that special cockfights should not be more than two consecutive days to raise fund for charitable purposes upon application of the beneficiary concerned and/or during barangay fiestas that must be supported by a resolution of the barangay sanggunian concerned; should special cockfight be held in a place other than a licensed cockpit, no special permit shall be granted unless an enclosed premises shall be constructed where the event will be staged to ensure the safety of spectators.

At the close of the cockfighting for charitable purposes the owner, operator or license of the cockpit or sponsor shall turn over to the authorized representative of the recipient charitable beneficiary the amount equivalent to not less than 50% of the total receipts together with the financial summary.

At no instance shall cockfights be authorized during Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Independence Day, National Heroes Day, Bonifacio Day, Rizal Day, election/referendum day and registration day on such election/referendum.

Councilor Manny Arbon supports that continued conduct of cockfights being a national recreation and entertainment deeply ingrained in the country’s customs and trade.

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