Highway Patrol to retrain traffic cops

The Highway Patrol Group of the Philippine National Police is offering to retrain the 84-strong Traffic Management Office to amply prepare the enforcers in discharging their duties and functions when the revised traffic re-routing will be implemented.

HPG Team Leader Sr. Insp. Robelito Mariano pointed out an episode when one enforcer was holding an umbrella while managing traffic potentially becoming the cause rather than the cure of the gridlock besides being a laughingstock for those who knew better.

It was also noted that some enforcers are not physically fit to perform their duties under the heat of the sun more so during rainy days due their advance age.

Worse, others observe that traffic enforcers are not there when you needed them the most.

TMO Head Danny Atillo admitted on the lack of personnel, shortage in basic communication gadgets, lack of raincoats and goggles and service vehicles for mobility. He also stressed that the ideal number of traffic enforcers should be 120 and not the current 84 personnel.

Mayor Ipe Remollo instructed Atillo to furnish him a wish list to secure funding and is eyeing the hiring and training of at least 30 new personnel who could pass the stringent physical and mental assessment of the experts and professionals.

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