Korean firm offers 3in1 security deal

Pressed with the need to enhance the security and safety of residents and visitors of the Capital City of Dumaguete, the administration is eyeing a P50 million 3-in1 deal that will provide for the installation of LED streetlights fitted with Close Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) and free access to the internet or WI-FI covering 30 component barangays.

Bettina Quimson and Ted Lizares Jimenez, representatives of KORECEN Philippines Inc., a Korean-based company, fielded questions from members of the City Council, City Bids and Awards Committee and its Technical Working Group and Mayor Felipe “Ipe” Remollo on the various features of its LED Security Light CCTV considered to be the most advanced in the market today.

The product can be used to monitor the traffic situation, rise of water levels during inclement weather as part of disaster mitigation, boost anti-crime drive to enhance public order and security.

Quimson described the product to be ecofriendly, energy efficient and wifi ready. If compared to other products in the market, LED Security Light boasts the world’s best Cree LED Chip; with a 200% more life span than its competitors; reduces electrical consumption by 70%; flame retardant; shock-proof; durable power supply lasting 50, 000 hours; prevents radio wave intervention; features colourful design agreeable to aesthetic feature of city; ultra-light polycarbonate case and equipped with a photo sensor capable of facial recognition at 5 megapixel. Each unit is estimated to cost P 60,000 or below while the prevailing CCTVs could cost up to P80,000 each sans the LED light and wi-fi.

Quimson’s partner, Mr. Jimenez pointed out that the LED Security Light CCTV won as “Best New Products Award in Korea Electronics Show in 2015” and can be installed in government buildings, hospitals, schools, bus terminals, crime prone areas of the city, shopping malls, parking lots, residential and commercial districts, vital installation and other strategic locations.

Nevertheless, the first order of business must be the establishment of command center where the software will be installed and operated to ensure that the maximum features of the product or hardware shall be put to maximum use.

Mayor Remollo is consulting with the concerned agencies to possibly appropriate P 50 million as initial funding to procure the software to handle up to 72 CCTVs each capable of capturing 32 shots per second requiring just 2Mbps to be sent the command center. The installation of more units and upgrade of the software can be done gradually every year with new appropriation.

Nevertheless, he welcomes the participation of other interested bidders that could match if not surpass the capacity and features of LED Security Light CCTV.

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