Mayor explains LUPAD vision

Amid the furor generated by the prominence given to LUPAD slogan in promoting the city of Dumaguete, Mayor Felipe “Ipe” Remollo appealed for the critics and skeptics alike to avoid intrigues and immerse themselves with the true meaning of the catchphrase LUPAD Dumaguete.

In a recent gathering with the city press corps, Remollo explained that LUPAD actually is more than a slogan; it is a movement in line with the vision of inclusive growth and prosperity under his leadership.

Remollo said that LUPAD stands for: Livable and cultured community; Urban revitalization inclusive of all barangays, Professionalism in government service and Good Governance; Abundance of food, clothing and adequate shelter for every family and Dedication to God, Country and Community.

The slogan is used to encapsulate the plan of action and vision that motivated him to run again for mayor after more than a decade.

Incumbent Councilors Alan Gel Cordova, Karissa Tolentino, Joe Kenneth Arbas, Lilani Ramon, Michael Bandal and Manny Arbon renewed their commitment to provide the legislative action needed to ensure the delivery of LUPAD promises.

Remollo is enthusiastic of the knowledge that some Councilors specifically Agustin Perdices and Liga ng mga Barangay President Lionel Banogon have shown their willingness to cooperate in helping his administration achieve its objectives. He is optimistic that the other councilors and Vice-Mayor Franklin Esmena Jr. will join the movement regardless of their political affiliation.

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