Mayor lawyer prefers consti-convention

President Rodrigo Duterte should stick to his first option for the conduct of a Constituitional Convention (CONCON) in amending the Constitution, says Dumaguete city Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo.

Remollo said no matter how well-meaning the President in supporting a Constituent Assembly (CONASS), he should stand by his first pronouncement in saying the amendments should be done by experts who are chosen by the people and not by members of congress themselves who have vested interests as politicians.

Congressmen and the senators may argue that they are also elected by the people, but Remollo said it is for a specific purpose which is to legislate, while a CONCON delegate should have no conflict of interest and that they are aware that when it is done, they are also banned from running.

The local chief executive who is also a lawyer by profession argued that it is worth the expense to amend the law of the land through CONCON, even if the country had to spend billions of pesos.

The mayor further said nobody can stop the congressmen and senators from fixing the term limit of elected public officials from three to five or six years if the amendment is through CONASS. There will be a lot of possibilities that these congressmen will be trapped on the issue on anti-dynasty in the country, the natural reaction or natural propensity of which is for them not to institutionalize the same. Remollo added as politicians their partiality is already a suspect.

Patylist groups will also be a big factor after Duterte issued a policy statement to abolish them, and this bloc would be a big lobby group to pursue their own political agenda.

These are among the contentious issues that has to be resolved aside from whether or not the Senate vote on the matter will be counted separately from that of the House of Representatives.

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