Mendez, Reyes get ax; Gov awaits MR verdict

The Dept of Interior has enforced the dismissal order of the Court of Appeals on the provincial treasurer and provincial accountant after their 60-day TRO has expired.

AS the DILG was about to serve the dismissal order for Provincial Treasurer Danilo Mendez and provincial accountant Teodorico Reyes,they averred that they still have a pending motion for reconsideration to settle with the Court of Appeals.

This case stemmed from the old calamity fund mess and its mobilization fund of over P180-Million which they cleared for release thru the governor.

This developed as the camp of Gov. Roel Degamo is also waiting for a favorable decision of the Court of Appeals on the same M.R. case this weekend or early next week.

Failure to secure a permanent injunction might also result in the governor’s physical suspension if not dismissal once his TRO shall have expired.

DILG provincial director Dennis Quiñones posted a copy of the dismissal order issued by the Ombudsman dated January 24, 2016 against Provincial Treasurer Danilo Mendez and provincial accountant Teodorico Reyes, at the premises of the provincial accounting office upon receipt of a memorandum from Negros Island Region DILG regional director Margie Biligan on Tuesday, August 16, 2016.

The order stated that pursuant to Section 5, Rule 58 of the Rules of Court, the TRO issued in favor of respondents Mendez and Reyes is deemed automatically vacated. Thus, DILG was directed to proceed with the implementation of the January 24, 2016 joint resolution of the Ombudsman for violation of RA No. 3019 for malversation and grave misconduct against the two.

Both Mendez and Reyes were also directed to cease and desist from performing their respective functions upon receipt of the order.


Mendez questioned the action of the DILG saying, it cannot just rely on the provision that they merely executed the order of the Ombudsman. By operation of law in simply asking for a certification from the Court of Appeals they proceeded.

The certification issued by Vilma Ayala-Dasal, executive clerk of court III of the CA 15th division stated that there is no writ of preliminary injunction issued on the above case. It was requested by Atty. Cynthia Laureano- Pulido, chief of the legal department of the DILG in Manila.

According to Mendez, they haven’t received the official copy of the supposed dismissal order and will remain continue to perform his duties and functions as provincial treasurer.

He likewise, criticized the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) for not helping him on his case, being an appointee of the secretary of finance.

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