P375M PPA projects nearing completion

The Philippine Ports Authority is well on its way to completing 11 infrastructure projects in the amount of P375 million in 2016 designed to construct and improve the facilities in the Dumaguete pier while it is eyeing for the approval of P 420 million worth of civil works for 2017.

Fourteen projects proposed for 2017 will be deliberated by the higher management on the 1st week of October with no less than Dumaguete Port Manager Atty. Sarah R. Mijares expected to use all means to justify and defend the necessity and appropriateness of the projects that will benefit four other ports aside from Dumaguete City.

Executive Assistant to the Port Manager Michael C. Mate revealed that of the 11 projects, four are almost complete namely: wave deflector and passenger walkway P29.1 million; passenger terminal building in Siquijor P21.9 million; repair of curtain wall of piers, RORO ramp including mooring and fendering system at P34.5 million and the repair of concrete pavement, retaining wall and scouring at reclamation area P16.9 million.

The other projects currently being implemented are: P 24.6 million refurbishing of the Dumaguete passenger terminal to include the lighting and water works systems; P 157 million Larena Port Expansion; improvement of Siaton port at P45.3 million; concreting of pavement and widening of rock causeway P20 million; repair and rehabilitation of RC pier 3 P22 million and construction of passenger holding area at P6.1 million.

Meanwhile, the proposed projects for 2017 amounted to P 228 million for Dumaguete Port; P 92 million for Siquijor; P 35 million for Bulado Guihulngan; P30 million for Tandayag and P35 million for Larena.

Specifically, for Dumaguete port: construction of new administration building P 70 million; upgrading of fendering system at berth 4, P7 million; construction of additional RORO ramp, P 35 million; construction of a covered storage facility or warehouse, P 35 million; construction of 15M wide access road, P35 million; construction of covered walkway at port road, P10 million and construction of RC pier for fast craft vessels, P 35 million.

For Tandayag Port: construction of mooring and fendering system, P10 million; for Bulado Port, construction of RORO ramp, P35 million; Larena port, extension of RC wharf, P 35 million and for Siqujior Port: construction of power house, P 7 million; construction of back up area and RORO ramp, P35 million; Construction of RC Wharf and extension of pier, P 50 million.

Mate is cautiously optimistic that the proposed projects for 2017 will be approved by the higher management deemed wise investments for a Government Owned and Controlled Corporation that is part of the socalled “Billionaires Club” that remits to the national treasury 50% of its revenues. (By Dems Demecillo)

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