Professionalize auxiliary cops

To address the disproportionate policemanto- population ratio, an avid advocate for law and order has proposed an ordinance that will augment the number of law enforcers as well as institutionalize its recruitment process, defines and limits their duties.

Dumaguete City Councilor Alan Cordova, a lawyer and West Point graduate, has sponsored an ordinance that will help “maintain overwhelming force required in order to prevent and suppress lawlessness” by creating the so-called Police Auxiliary Unit as force multiplier of the Philippine National Police.

The previous administration already has an existing police auxiliary personnel but this time, all members needs to pass the following qualifications: must be of legal age but not more 56 years old; must be a Filipino citizen and a registered voter of the city; at least a high school graduate; must have not been convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude; must be physically and mentally fit and must have passed the drug and neuro-psychiatric tests.

Members of the Auxiliary Police are deemed as agents of persons in authority when performing their duties to assist in patrols and raids; intelligence gathering; secure crime scenes; assist in effecting arrest; assist in disaster relief operations; provide security, assistance, crowd control, traffic regulations and provide administrative and operational assistance to PNP.

There are some limitations, prominent among them include the prohibition of providing VIP security to politicians, wearing of uniform when off duty; carrying of firearms unless licensed and duly deputized and they must observe the ethical standards expected of all government employees.

The City Mayor through the Chief-of-Police shall have operational control and supervision over all members of the Unit. (By Dems Demecillo)

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