Review, implement, repeal old ordinances

City Councilor Antonio Remollo recommended three approaches for the new administration as regards to the ordinances passed by the council. He was one of the councilors who availed of the privilege hour to deliver valedictory addresses as the City Council convened for the last time.

Tony Remollo who served for nine years as city councilor said that he passed around 20 ordinances but noted that there were important legislation that was not implemented by the City Mayor, like the Free movies for Senior Citizens and the Random Drug Testing for City Employees.

He proposed to the new city administration to review these ordinances, implement what is viable and repeal what is not applicable. Remollo concluded that the nine years he served as City Councilor were the “ best years of my life”.

The other members who availed of the privilege hour were Vice Mayor Woodrow Maquiling, City councilors Sayson who was elected Provincial Board Member for the 2nd district and Kag. Franklyn Esmena who was elected as city Vice Mayor.

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