Sidlakan to sparkle Anew for Buglasan fest

Like barrio houses that gets spruced up annually during Fiestas, supposed to be tourist attraction Sidlakan Village, designed to be the year-round display area of local proejcts from all towns, gets spruced up anew for the Octoberfest called Buglasan festival.

Organizers of this yearís Buglasan Festival of Festivals directed all the 25 cities and municipalities to improve the aesthetics and level up the features inside the Sidlakan Village to regain its relevant status as the permanent tourism show window of the province.

Several visitors lamented the sad state of disrepair of some Sidlakan booths considering that their maintenance should be the main responsibility of the LGUs.

The village, a permanent destination for tourism tours, comes to life during Buglasan season, only to be sidelined years back as the crowd were overwhelmingly drawn to the Freedom Park.

The 10-day Buglasan extravaganza (October 14-23) under the theme: Boosting Our Economy Through a United Citizenry will be staged at four major sites: Rizal Boulevard, Robinsonís Place, Freedom Park and Sidlakan Village.

Governor Roel Degamo has sternly warned criminal elements to stay clear from the sites or engage in violence as this would be met with a firm hand to maintain law and order amid the festivities with thousands of local and foreign guests expected to patronize the events expected to boost the local economy.

Dr. Nicholas Elman confirmed that the usual events in this yearís edition shall include LGU Booth gimmicks, festival showdown and street dance, culture and arts presentation, Buglasan King and Queen, Outstanding Negrense Awards, Lutong Garbo, Cleanest and Greenest school, Miss Negros Oriental Beauty Pageant, Cultural Shows at Robinson and Sidlakan, ABS-CBN Kapamilya Night and Palkwela, among others.

Additional events shall feature LGU Ukelele ensemble contest, well-baby contest, tourism jingle contest, trade fair, Inter-Senior High school green advocacy theatrical group competition, Globe-TM night with live band (opening salvo), SMB Night on October 21 and the LGU greenest and cleanest river with water excellence. (By Dems Demecillo)

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