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NOCCI tops awards among PH chambers

This year, the Negros Oriental chamber of commerce and industry won as outstand ing chamber for the whole country for the second consecutive year. They’re hoping for a grand slam next year and be included in the hall of fame.

Next month, NOCCI will visit Taipeh to vie for the Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce title, with stiff competing counterpasrts from the Singapore and Malaysia among other ASEAN countries including Australia.

NOCCI pres Ed Du said NOCCI ‘s award was due to its role and the impact it contributed to the local economy, in bringing investors to the province that resulted to job generation.

NOCCI helped in the coming of big investors, the etanol and solar plants in Bais, expansioin of the geothermal plant in Valencia, the coming over of BPOs, opening of more establishments such as the City Mall, among others.

Gov. Roel Degamo is still hoping for a reconsideration so the gains and cooperation between the two provinces will not be put to waste.

However, in the event of a final dissolution, the governor is making this appeal for the national government to provide each province regional satellite offices where negrenses can transact instead of going to the regional office in Cebu for Region 7 or to Iloilo for Region 6.

It will be recalled that Gov. Degamo expressed doubts by asking then for a feasibility study if uniting both provinces would be a sustainable proposition.





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